Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fishing Spots

 With salmon season just around the corner (April 6), I feel like I should give a glossary of fishing spots you will hear the regular fishermen talk about. When in doubt, consult any of the wise- looking fishermen folk sitting in front of the boathouse. However, whatever they tell you might be difficult to understand because they could say, for example, "I caught a 20-pound salmon off of Bird yesterday." Hopefully you can figure most of that out, but you might not know what Bird is. That brings us to the subject of this post: fishing spots. "Bird" is short for Bird Rock, a barren rock located to the east of the northern tip of Tomales Point. There are many others and it would take a lot more posts to describe them all. That's why I created this handy chart.

Day Beach
The Bar*
Hog Island (Hog)
Bird Rock
The Trees (east or west of should be specified)
Ten-Mile Beach
Point Reyes

*The bar can be highly dangerous to the inexperienced. For an example of the results of foolish boating and bad weather, click here

No offense intended, but I'm afraid I can't tell you my favorite spots just off of principle. However, my chart covers most of them. Use this information wisely!


Anonymous said...

Would you be able to tell us the difference between the Silver Salmon and King Salmon for us folks who aren't sure what to look for? Thanks!

Willy said...

According to the official Department of Fish and Game website,inside the king salmon's mouth the "base of teeth [are] all black, while silver have a "narrow light gray band at base of bottom teeth".